November 2022
International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers

Small Cans Provide Great Impact

In India, deodorants are no more a luxury but a necessity. FOGG, the biggest player in the market has introduced the Value Pack in aluminium monobloc aerosol cans, also known as the miniature pack or the pocket deo, in size 25x90mm. The cans are produced by the Indian manufacturer Bharat Containers. The current small packs in the country have been in various forms of plastic packaging. The Indian government has been producing legislations on the use of plastic materials and its recyclability. The launch of the Value Pack has given an opportunity to all consumers, be it travelers, partygoers or consumers in general who otherwise face affordability issues. The metered pump without gas makes it safe for any environment and promotes sustainability. Bharat has made special efforts to re-align their production lines to meet the demand. Ossum for women has a pastel colour scheme and the Fogg men variants have a vibrant colour scheme. Despite the small format of the cans, a successful design with strong visual presence has been achieved for both lines.