June 2021
International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers
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Global Deliveries in 2020

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Almost Stable Despite the Pandemic

Despite all the adversities in the past crisis year 2020, the performance of the companies grouped together in the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) was quite impressive. Regardless of the very difficult economic environment and all the upheavals in the global markets caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, global deliveries by AEROBAL members fell by just 1.7 percent in 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year. With a considerable total production of roughly 5.7 billion aluminum aerosol cans, the industry was only slightly below the record results of the past few years. AEROBAL members represent around 70 percent of all aluminum aerosol cans produced around the globe.

Closing the Material Loop of Aluminium

Does Can-to-Can-Recycling Make Sense for Aluminium Aerosols?

Demands for increasing recycled material content in packaging and recycling in the sense of a closed product loop are gathering momentum in the industry. The question is whether such a closed product loop recycling is under environmental and economic aspects advantageous for aluminium aerosols compared to a closed material loop approach.

Body Care 

A Big Market with Lots of Ideas

Deodorants and other body care products are the most important market for aluminium aerosol cans. The large number of products on offer in this market means that new ideas and designs coupled with a strong presence at the point of sale are always in demand. Some interesting recent examples can be found here.

Hair Care 

Brands and Products in a New Look

Hair care products and hair styling applications are among the core markets for aluminium aerosol cans. A strong competitive situation can be observed in this sector due to the rich and varied range of products on offer. But this is precisely the reason why this sector offers a wealth of new products and applications and exciting styling ideas. Some of them are presented in this issue of CANS.

Food & Hygiene 

Opportunities and Possibilities for Innovations and Brands

The potential for innovative product ideas for aluminium aerosol cans in the wide-ranging food sector is far from exhausted. And time and time again even existing brands are presenting themselves in an attractive and new manner. Moreover, during the pandemic, it is hardly surprising that hygiene and disinfection products are in the spotlight.